“I kind of feel like he cut open a vein in certain areas” – Paul Thomas, 102.9 The Wolf, Minneapolis, MN  

After releasing his debut EP “Doin’ All the Wrong Things Right” in 2015, the story didn’t go as planned for Todd Hurst. Taking a step away from music was the best solution, though not ideal. 

Since then, songwriting has been a major focus, and perfection has been an absolute desire. With the recent release of a series of songs to accompany the re-release of his freshman EP, you can tell that these were not overnight songs. 

The songs have been described as raw, emotional, not like what is expected, and clearly showing “Todd’s heart and soul”. 

As a Minnesota occupant with Indiana roots, Todd’s influences are heard in his songs. He likens the style of “If You’re Not In It” to Hi Ho Silver Oh’s cover of Tom Petty’s “Time to Move On”. “Because of You” is a nod to Bruce Springsteen and Will Hoge, both staples in Todd’s evolution of music. “Made Me A Man”, a song that tells the most particular story ever written by Todd is a nod to George Strait and all the country love songs Todd grew up listening to.