Blasting into 2024, 5 months late 

Hey yall - 

I hope you're doing well. I spent most of the last 4 months writing new songs, doing some covers, and sharing them with a select group of folks. Now you will have access to all of these videos on the next few weeks (as well as anything new) via my YouTube Channel. Head over, subscribe, like, and comment on the posts - new and old. 

And of course, we're heading into summer so there is a slew of new shows. Check out where I'll be on the Shows page and I hope to see you soon! 



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Music from the Couch - New Podcast Coming April 6th 


Have you ever wanted to know why your favorite independent artist got into music? What artists her or she listen to non-stop growing up? Or better yet, who they're listening to now? 

Look no further - "Music from the Couch", born out of my Instagram Live chat "Songs from the Couch", is a new podcast I'll be hosting beginning April 6th. I'll talk with musicians, singer/songwriters, producers, and all around badasses in the independent scene. Join me each week as we deep dive into the songs that made and continue to make musicians who we are. 

Learn more by clicking here.

Joining forces with Chanhassen Brewing Company - See ya there!  

Hey all, 

Hope your summer is going well and if I haven't seen you yet, I hope to soon. I'm doing all I can to get out to as many places and see as many faces as I can this summer and if you're in the Chanhassen area, you're in luck! 

Starting August 12th, I'll be at the Chanhassen Brewing Company every Thursday through the end of the month. Starting at 7PM each week, we'll do a little music, have some fun, and enjoy some amazing craft beer. Chanhassen Brewing Company is the latest brewery to hit the area and let me be the first to say: I'm a huge fan! 

Make your plans now and see ya soon. Head to the shows page for all upcoming shows and details. 


NEW MUSIC: "Made Me A Man" Available Now! 

Todd's latest single, 'Made Me A Man' is available now on iTunes and Spotify. Check it out now and share with your friends! While you're at it, make sure you take a listen to Todd's other July singles, 'Because of You' and 'If You're Not In It'. 

"'Made Me A Man' is a pretty meaningful song to me. I started writing it about my oldest daughter, which then turned into a song about 3 events in my life that shaped who I am today. The 1st verse is about the death of my grandfather. The 2nd verse is about the day my father, who is a police officer, was shot in the line of duty and the months of repair that came after. The 3rd verse is about the birth of my oldest daughter, also the original 1st verse. The album art to me, is the shining moment of this song. I was at home in Indiana looking through photos and found the picture that is now the cover art.

The story behind it: It's a picture of my mom, taken by her friend, during the 1st date between her and my dad. She's sitting shotgun in his mustang. I started to write a song to go with the photo and then realized the photo would be the 4th important life event that made me a man, my mother and her raising me. 

While this song is very specific, I feel like anyone can relate to it. We all have those moments in our lives. I hope you agree and can relate to 'Made Me A Man'. I still get emotional every time I sing this song and always will. Cheers! Thank you and enjoy." - Todd

NEW MUSIC: 'Because of You' Available Now! 

Todd's latest single 'Because of You' is available now for download and streaming at Apple & Spotify. Follow the links below, add the song to your playlists, and share with your friends. Don't forget to check out Todd's freshman EP 'Doin All the Wrong Things Right' and 'If You're Not In It' as well. Enjoy! 




New Music: “If You’re Not In It” available now! 

Todd’s latest single “If You’re Not In It” is available now at all streaming sites below. You can also purchase a digital copy at iTunes here.

Apple Music:


Amazon Music:


Happy New Year! Let's start 2019 off with new music... 

Happy new year everyone, I hope you had an amazing 2018. 2018 was a great year for me, full of friends, family, fans, shows, and new music, which I want to share with you. 

Last week we grabbed some video of 2 new songs that you will have access to in 2019 and I just couldn't wait to share them with you now. So head over to the THTV page and check out Johnny & June (a love song) and Because of You (not so much of a love song). While you're at it, check out the other videos and be sure to check out my YouTube channel and subscribe so you can be notified as new videos are added.  


Update from the Studio 


Happy Holidays all! I hope every is enjoying the final days of 2018. It's been another year for the books. I've been laying low lately and working on some writing and preparing for 2019 and on. Part of that preparation is more music for you, because you deserve it! 

I spent this past weekend at Drum Farm Studios in Menonomie, WI (did I spell that right?) with John Richardson and we finished vocals on two songs and started work on a 3rd song. I can't wait to share this music with you. I wish I could now and just might. You can head to my social media pages to catch a snippet of a new song called "Johnny & June". A little cliche but a personal song for me. I think you'll like it. 

Anyways, take care, have a great holiday, and I look forward to seeing you out in 2019. Schedule is being updated as I type this.

- Todd

Todd to join K102 & Coors Light at Lord Fletcher's: Saturday, May 19th (Full Band Show) 

Join K102 and Coors Light at Lord Fletcher's this Saturday, May 19th from 2pm-5pm and help Beer Save Lakes. Enjoy live music from Todd Hurst and qualify to win a trip to Breezy Point Resort in Brainerd. 

As Minnesotans, lakes are important to us - so Coors Light® and Conservation Minnesota have teamed up to give back! 

There are many issues that face the lakes, rivers and streams of Minnesota. Conservation Minnesota is always working to identify and solve these problems and Coors Light has teamed up to help! 


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